Thumbuster, stop your child sucking their thumb.


This is the way to stop your child sucking their Thumb

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A practical solution to an all too familiar problem. Like most solutions, this one is simple and offers a secure, comfortable and hygenic method for your child to stop sucking their thumb.


We have developed a Lycra Thumbcover that helps children from 5-12 to break this habit.

Join the ranks of parents from many countries who also bought the Thumbcover to help their child to stop sucking the Thumb.

Reason #1


One size fits all, from 5 to 12 years old, it can be worn on either thumb.


available in 3 colours

Reason #2


Recommended by independent Pediatricians and Orthodontists

Thumb BlueA comfortable Lycra Thumbcover that is attached at the writst gives your child the tool during difficult times such as before going to sleep, whilst watching TV or even at Schoold to break the habit of sucking on their thumb.

Thumbuster GreenIt is very Hygenic, the Thumbcover can be removed when your child washes their hands. In addition to that, the cover is washable.

On average there are results in between 2-5 weeks, sometimes, even sooner!

Thumbuster PinkOur Product ist not suitable for Babys or Toddlers. It is for Children who themselves want to break the habit of Thumbsucking.


Therefore the ideal age is between 5 - 12 years and not sooner!